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No problem. Do you have a device on hand now? I can tell you which one it is over the phone in a few seconds.*

Great.  If you look at the back of the iPad, on the bottom it says "Designed in California" and just below that it should have a code that begins with A followed by 4 numbers, such as A1234.  If you can read me that code, I should be able to tell you which device it is.

Device Code
Release Year
iPad 10.2 8th Generation
iPad 10.2 7th Generation

iPad Air 10.5

iPad 9.7  5th Generation
iPad 9.7  5th Generation

Will the iPads be stored in a charging cart? *
Our cases fit with most charging cart baskets or racking, but it can be useful just to check to make sure they will fit in advance if you know the brand.
Are the students currently using an Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon with the iPads?*
Will the cases require a section for holding a Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil?
Do you or anyone at the school need to see a sample before going ahead?

If the order is needed urgently, check if we have the items in stock here.

Quantity Req'd for Pricing Quote

Our pricing is based on volume.   

To be able to get you a quote can you give me an idea of the number of cases and iPads your school normally purchases through out the year?

(When budgets come out, when new iPads come out, when the school year starts, etc).

Summarise back to them what they’ve said in terms of: 
1) What they currently need;
2) When they need it by; 
3) The problems they're trying to solve.

what was discussed, next steps, general feel, etc

Samples & Follow-up Required

  • I’ll get the sample over sent over to you today/tomorrow so you should receive it in a few days. 
  • When works best to schedule a call towards the end of the week/beginning of next week (as appropriate) to follow up once you’ve received them?  
Follow Up Date
Email for additional people for follow up / information
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